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Exhibition Donors

The Greenwich Historical Society's exhibition, education and preservation programs are supported by our Annual Fund. Major donors are recognized as the Greenwich Historic Trust.

Greenwich Historic Trust Major Donors, July 2013–June 2014


Marsha and Carl Hewitt

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Malkin

Joseph J. and Claire Morrow
Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Strackbein*

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. Vanderbilt, Jr.
—R.T. Vanderbilt Trust

Reba and Dave Williams* 


Peter and Nancy Allatt Foundation

Dalio Family Foundation, Inc.

Fireman's Fund Insurance Company
and NEBCO Insurance Services, LLC

Suzanne and Ramsey Frank

Regina and Mario Gabelli*

Susan and Gene Shanks

Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Townsend, III

Betsy and Michael S. Vitton 




*Exhibition underwriters


Fraser Bennett Beede

Susan and David Brownwood

Carol and George Crapple

Roberta and Steven Denning

Freddie Mac Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Getz

Jessica and Drew Guff*

Lauren and Gray W. Hampton III

Anne and Chuck Niemeth

Debbie and Russ Reynolds

Lucy and Lawrence Ricciardi

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Royce

Sue Ann Weinberg



Karin and Henry Barkhorn

Tiffany Burnette and Don Casturo

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Campbell, Jr.

Connie and Tom Clephane

Mrs. William C. Crooks

Helen and Bruce Dixon

Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Edmundson

Fairfield County Community Foundation
—Donor Advised Fund

Patricia and Eric Fast

Mrs. Carl S. Forsythe III

Mr. and Mrs. H. Leland Getz

Goldman Sachs Gives

Myrna R. Haft

Anne and Bill Harrison

Wendy Hubbell

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hurlock

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Hvolbeck
—Prudential Brad Hvolbeck

Pen and Betty James

Mr. and Mrs. Gudmundur Kjaernested

Susan G. and James T. Larkin

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Lawrence

Evelyn Lorentzen-Bell

Victoria Lunt

Susan E. Lynch


*Exhibition underwriters

Mrs. Barbara H. MacDonald

Mary J. Penniman and Garrett M. Moran

Mr. and Mrs. Lester S. Morse

Lindsay and David Ormsby

Emma and Mark Pennington

Mrs. Malcolm S. Pray, Jr.

Kathleen & Raymond Rudy

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scarlata

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Seel

Mr. and Mrs. Chris W. Shumway

Valerie and Jack Stauer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Steel

Paul and Alease Fisher Tallman

Lynne Wheat


Elly Bruynes

Patricia and John Chadwick

Dorothy M. Cholnoky

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Frantz

Liliane and Christian Haub

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Keleshian

Alain and Helene Lebleu

Debra and Carl Mecky

Lolly H. Prince

John R. Raben, Jr.
—Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Foundation, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. James S. Reibel

Loren and Jeffrey Taufield

The Greenwich Historical Society gratefully acknowledges Kathleen Eagen Johnson, guest curator and history consultant.

The World War I exhibition advisory group, made up of historians Kathleen Hulser and Steven Jaffe and volunteers or board members Karin Crooks, Bea Crumbine, Carol Dixon, Jessica Guff, Jim Hurlock and Davidde Strackbein, provided valuable advice and support. We especially thank Karin Crooks for her extensive research in support of this exhibition and Jay Rozgonyi, Director of Academic Computing at the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions at Fairfield University, and his student Jack Beggs for their technological design and counsel.

Greenwich Faces the Great War has been funded in part by a grant from


Exclusive Media Sponsor is Greenwich Magazine, Moffly Media